Here a are a list of the projects I am working on!


Blender Renders

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GitLab last commit made-with-python PyPI version

OGS Python is an API wrapper written in Python for the Go server I play on, Its been a fun challenge in learning how to integrate with both a REST API, and a realtime Socket.IO API, and how to act as a middle-man between the client and server.


GitLab last commit made-with-python

This is an application I wrote to be able to get Heathcliff comics in my RSS feed. It was an interesting test project for learning how to use the Selenium library for interacting and scraping data from webpages, and how to deploy a python script as a full application.


GitLab last commit made-with-go

Just a simple autoclicker I wrote in Go. I originally wrote this for a friend in Python, but wanted to practice making a real package in Go, so I converted it. I added a GUI using the Fyne toolkit, and used robotogo for the keyboard event handling.