Hello World!

I wanted to make an introductory post on here to get the ball rolling.

I started remaking this blog yesterday after watching a few videos on the Indie Web. They got me super pumped about remaking my personal website into something way more fun and, well, personal.

You've Got Kats' video in particular is excellent, and does a great job invoking that nostalgia for the early internet that, to be honest, I kind of missed. It doesn't look like they really update the site anymore, but if you're here, you should go show their site some love. Maybe just go and sign her guestbook or something :) https://youvegotkat.neocities.org/.

I came up on the internet right towards the death of the forum, when Reddit was taking over as the de facto forum aggregator, and I completely missed the early personal website / MySpace era. So it's super cool to see that these kinds of sites aren't dead, and that I still have a chance to partake in it!

Anywho, this is my personal and professional website, so I will have a collection of my personal stuff I do, as well as stuff related to my job, and probably a resume. I really don't know if that's a good idea career wise, but I am not building another separate work identity again, so it is what it is...

I'll be doing some heavy lifting trying to get the site into a state that I can post everything I want on here, so stick around, and maybe consider subscribing to the RSS Feed if you want updates on when I post?