Hey, I'm Dakota! (he/him)

I am a Linux Engineer working in Ohio! I've been into technology for about as long as I can remember. From feeling cool as a kid when I learned how to install Minecraft mods, to making basic applications in Go and Python here in the last few years, I have always been tinkering and messing with my computer. I went down the deep-end in 2018 though when I discovered Linux. Ever since then, I have been tinkering more and more with my setup. As of writing, I am currently using NixOS and have riced my setup with Hyprland.

I also try and dabble in art when I can! I have been trying to learn Blender since about 2022, and have been slowly improving over time. It's been hard, but extremely rewarding. Being able to have a creative outlet has been extremely relaxing.

There are other hobbies I enjoy partaking in when the mood strikes me, to name a few: Warhammer 40k, FPV Drone Flying, Go (Baduk)