I’m a Linux Enthusiast that is currently working as a Linux Infrastructure Engineer. I’ve been using and tinkering with Linux for around 6 years at this point, both professionally and in my free time.

Over the past few years, I have been growing and fine-tuning a home lab I use as a means of learning new things and experimenting with technology that interests me. I consider it an invaluable tool and has accounted for a large portion of my interest and technical ability. vSphere, Docker, Ansible, Linux, git, Python, most of what I know I was able to practice by spending countless nights deep in the terminals of my homelab.

With my lab and my determination to better myself and learn about the Linux ecosystem, In 2021 I journeyed down the path to become Red Hat certified as a Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator. It was a daunting task that soaked up a lot of late night studying and practicing. In the end, I came out certified and with a much greater understanding of Linux and the pride of accomplishing something that was no easy feat.

I am always ready for a new challenge and I am always looking to further my education in any way I can. Im a tech nerd at heart and love hearing about everything going on in the world of technology.

Feel free to reach out via email, Linkedin, or Keybase for encrypted comms.